Phone/Online Disputes

Why you should never dispute over the phone or online.

Many people are curious about speeding up the credit repair dispute process. They may even be tempted to dispute negative or incorrect items using the seemingly convenient method of disputing over the phone or online.

The advice we offer is don’t do it. Any serious credit repair expert will tell you to never dispute over the phone or online.

Why? Because consumers are at a disadvantage every time they dispute with the bureaus either online or by phone. What they do not realize is that the credit bureaus that are offering you to dispute online via their websites, have hidden terms and conditions that limit your rights afforded to you by the FCRA.

If you agree to these new terms, and without a proper paper trail, the credit bureaus do not have to fear the threat of lawsuits. This means the credit bureaus can take online and phone disputes less seriously. Resulting in less thoroughly investigated disputes which lead to items not being deleted from the credit report.

This is why if you work with us, we prefer to mail or fax dispute letters to serve you much better.