CREDIT CALCULATION HOW IS YOUR CREDIT SCORE CALCULATED? Your credit score is calculated by your payment history, the amount you owe, the length of your credit, what new credit you have applied for, and the mix of credit accounts you have. PAYMENT HISTORY: Your bill paying habits are 35% of your credit score. If your […]


CREDIT REPORT   HOW DO YOU GET YOUR REAL CREDIT REPORT ONLINE? We recommend IdentityIQ as a good starting point for reviewing your credit history and information. They will instantly provide you with a report that includes your scores and details from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If you use our link you will save some money and […]


REBUILDING CREDIT   Here we are going to talk about rebuilding tools if you do not have a high enough score to qualify for unsecured credit. SECURED CARD Most secured credit cards work by securing a deposit that is equal to the credit limit. If you want a $500 credit limit, for example, you’ll need […]

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